Who is Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority (LCRAA)?

Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority ("LCRAA") was created by the Louisiana Legislature at the request of the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association in 2014. LCRAA is a state entity authorized to design, construct, administer, and maintain a Statewide Portal of records maintained by parish Clerks of Court ("Participants"). The Statewide Portal provides secure remote access by Internet users to records maintained by Participants. The Statewide Portal debuted on November 9, 2015 with the Land Record (Mortgages and Conveyances) indices of 52 Participants allowing users to search records of multiple parishes simultaneously. By January of 2016, LCRAA included Land Record indices of 45 parishes through the Statewide Portal. Read the official LCRAA House Bill Here

LCRAA Grant Program for Parish Clerks of Court

In 2015, LCRAA established a grant program for assisting Participants with acquiring hardware and software to increase access to records through the Statewide Portal. In addition to increasing Land Record indices, LCRAA plans to add other indices maintained by Participants in early 2016.